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Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Research and Curriculum Team
Members of the Initiative’s Research team and Curriculum and Editorial Support team at the Bloomberg Center for Cities

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More than 50 faculty from across Harvard are involved in research and curriculum projects supported by the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

The Initiative conducts research and develops curricular and learning resources to help mayors and senior city leaders tackle complex social challenges and improve their residents’ quality of life. This includes peer-reviewed academic publications, teaching cases and accompanying instructor guides, as well as self-paced online learning modules. The published work is freely available to researchers, instructors, and city leaders.


  1. Academic Research and Curriculum Development

    Read a PDF detailing our research program, publications, and work in progress.

    Updated: May 2024

  2. Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Overview

    Access a PDF describing the vision, approach, and impact of our work.

    Updated: December 2023

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