Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones

Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellow 2023-2025
Cleveland, Ohio

Master in Public Policy, Class of 2023
Harvard Kennedy School


Taylor Jones is a dedicated and passionate social and urban policy practitioner. Growing up in Cleveland Heights, OH, Taylor became acutely aware of the barriers preventing low-income communities and communities of color from accessing opportunities and achieving favorable social welfare outcomes. Driven by a commitment to understanding the underlying causes of these inequities, Taylor embarked on a journey to develop comprehensive solutions that would lead to sustainable community transformation. Her focus is particularly drawn to reparatory and restorative policy, and she leverages her background in history to effectively diagnose, assess, and address the racialized roots of contemporary policy challenges. Central to Taylor’s interests is the idea of fostering equity and generating shared prosperity within cities, with a special emphasis on regional community and economic development.

Previously, Taylor assisted several organizations across the public and private sectors to design and operationalize equity and social policy goals. She received a bachelor’s degree in history, summa cum laude, from Howard University and a Master in Public Policy, with a certificate in Management Leadership and Decision Sciences, from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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