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Bulbul Kaul

Senior Director, Strategy and Development



Bulbul oversees city support and student engagement at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. By leveraging resources within Harvard, including faculty, graduate students, staff, and centers, as well as external partners, the city support and student engagement team supports participating city leaders in their leadership development and equips city halls to be more innovative, data-driven, collaborative, equitable, and citizen-engaged. In addition, the team engages students from across Harvard in field work with cities to invest in future generations of city leaders. Bulbul loves making connections–between cities tackling similar challenges and between graduate students and cities. She also co-leads the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative’s Racial Equity Working Group.

Prior to the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, Bulbul worked in social and economic policy research and consulting where she assessed government program impact and advised on program improvements. Over the course of her career, Bulbul engaged a variety of clients and stakeholders in government, philanthropy, academia, private and nonprofit sectors, and in the community to improve government effectiveness and collaborate across sectors to address key social and economic challenges.

Bulbul is passionate about the role that government, in collaboration with other sectors and residents, can play in creating more fair and just societies.

Bulbul has a Bachelor of Arts from Clark University and a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

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