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George Veth

Practice Leader, Cross-Boundary Collaboration Program


George Veth is the practice leader of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative’s cross-boundary collaboration program. He has worked with each of the annual cohort of cities in the program since its inception. He was also appointed as a senior practice fellow with the Ash Center’s Innovations in Government Program in 2019 to 2021, where his work centered on public value theory, cross-boundary collaboration, and management frameworks for strategy execution.

As a management consultant and serial entrepreneur, George has spent his career leading corporate and nonprofit initiatives focused on strategy execution and business analytics. George has founded several boutique consulting firms as well as having been an adjunct faculty in technology, information, and operations management at Babson College.

In 2009, George attended the mid-career Master of Public Administration program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Upon graduating, he started and continues to run a nonprofit impact investment fund in East Africa that provides financing to businesses doing value addition leveraging industrial technology.

George received a Bachelor of Arts in finance from the University of Virginia and an Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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